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Ενημερώθηκε: 6 Οκτ 2019

The increasingly successful TGN Manual is now available in a Wiki-style area of the SMD website. This format allows the user to navigate through each section or search the pages to gain information FAST!

To access TGN Online, use the drop down menu above (under Technical) and select ‘TGN Online’, you will need to be signed in to access this area.

Further guidance on SMD Product options

With the increased product and service range now available from SMD, the TGN covers all aspects necessary to incorporate SMD products into your project.  This includes:

High Durability Floor

DeckOff-site cutting

VoidSafe™ Void Protection

Crushed Ends Floor Deck Sheets

Perimeter Toeboards

TAB-Deck™ – Fibre concrete

Channel edge trim

Service fixings

Need a copy of our TGN Manual?

Please contact us at or you can find it online in the following link


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